Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful men who take the time to raise and guide their children through the world! This post is going to be a bit more personal because I want to take the time and remember my father on this day. He passed away 12 years ago and yet I feel like it was just yesterday getting that phone call from my sister.  My father was a such a gentle soul, he was a farmer all of his life except for a small time in the army.  He was a very kind person who loved all animals. We raised sheep most of the time later on we switched to cows, but we always had animals on the farm.

He loved his family, and enjoyed any chance he got to see them.  I was the baby of the family, so I was definitely spoiled but very loved.  He accepted anyone into the family, and mother always had to have some kind of cookies or snack just incase someone stopped by.  People always recognized dad with his blonde hair and he was very friendly and could just talk and talk.  He would always say it was hard to get mom to stop talking but he was just as much of a talker as she is. I remember all of the times riding in the car where he would hold mom's hand. See dad had this unconditional love, I felt that yes we could disappoint him, but he would always always love us kids no matter what. He truly showed me what to look for in a man, someone who had manners, who would open doors, walk on the right side of the sidewalk, and hold my hand, but most of all someone who would love me no matter what.

He was also a man of faith.  I think as a farmer you have to be man of faith,  because of all of the unknowns with weather and livestock.  I will always remember sitting in church and holding his hand.  See he didn't just hold your hand he would squeeze it, tight, tight, tight! Sometimes, I remember when he would let go, my hand would be numb, but I loved holding his hand. I also remember him singing proudly in church even though he would be off key he didn't care because his faith was all that was important.  For me going to church is still really difficult because it reminds me of him, the music always makes me cry, and yes I know he would be happy for me to go to church but it is almost to much of reminder on how he is no longer here.

That night that I got the phone call, I was so numb, I didn't really understand what happened.  See dad had heart issues most of my life, we were in hospitals several times and he had surgery few times as well. He always recovered. Sometimes he would scrape his hand and if you asked what happened he would just say " oh I just took a little hide off."   But that day I had just received my grades from college and  I was going to call mom and dad to tell them what I got, and decided ehhhh, I am tired and just want to chill out, I will call them tomorrow.  Well unfortunately tomorrow never came for me.  I was never able to talk to my dad one last time,  hear his voice, hear him say he loved me one last time. It is truly my biggest regret I have. I know he loved me and was proud of me but just to hear it one more time.....

So on this Father's day please take the time to tell your father that you love him.  Talk to your father and listen to his stories. Take time out on your busy day to hug your loved ones dearly. Take a photograph to remember the day! I feel so  lucky that my mother loved photographs, and we have a ton of pictures at the house, anything from professional ones to just snapshots and I love them all. Take the time to be with loved ones and to truly cherish them this Father's Day and give your father a great big hug!