Minneapolis Premier Boudoir and Pinup Photography

Kintsugi Sessions

Kintsugi - “To repair with gold; The art of repairing metal with gold or silver lacquer and understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken.” We all have scars that hurt us, sometimes it is hard to let go of that hurt and to truly see how strong those scars have made us! In this project I wanted to celebrate the scars that we may not have been able to accept. I want people to realize that the scars just make us even stronger and valuable and even more beautiful 

Glitter Sessions

We should all sparkle and shine. These sessions were to celebrate a body part that you love!!! You don’t take enough time to appreciate all of the amazing things your body does daily and by letting these body parts ‘“SHINE” you can appreciate them even more! Check out the blog to learn more about each of these sessions!  

Power of Words

In this empowerment session we had a group of women come in and write down words that they have been called. When they were done writing the words we asked them how they felt to be called that word. We then had them rip up of the words, and then we all wrote positive words on our bodies. To showcase what each of these some truly are!